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Dr. Rob Amchin has written a variety of books for elementary and middle school with a focus on recorder and Orff classes. Most books include complete lesson plans, supplemental materials, and the ability to purchase the title as an E-book for an additional $2.50 service charge.


If you're interested in a workshop or in-service training session for your teachers or students, please contact Rob directly at


Modal Mosaic

These short pieces with complete Orff process lesson plans can kickstart your students' composition and improvisation skills. Throw in some mixed-meters, and the recipe is complete. You'll soon have a fine stew of student-created, mystical, modal music that everyone will love. Suitable for grades 4 - 8.

$34.95 plus shipping

Spring Songs Orff Book.jpg

Spring Songs

Beautiful songs and instrumental pieces about Spring from around the world. Book includes Orff process lesson plans as well as a supplemental disc with full color and black and white visuals in both .jpg and .tif formats. Option to purchase supplemental materials including full scores is available.

$24.95 plus shipping

Autumn Songs Orff Book.jpg

Autumn Songs

Beautiful songs and instrumental pieces about Autumn from around the world. Orff process lesson plans and teaching suggestions for each song are included. Autumn Songs is a great resource for every elementary music teacher looking to bring some Fall fun into the classroom!

$13.95 plus shipping

Moods and Modes Orff Book.jpg

Moods and Modes

This classic volume is a collection of ensemble pieces for soprano and tenor recorder. Sparkling, delightful tunes and sprightly accompaniments will excite your beginner to intermediate recorder players. Book includes copy-ready student scores, P/A tracks with full performance and play-along versions. 

$24.95 plus shipping

Recorder Frolics Orff Book.jpg

Recorder Frolics

 Recorder Frolics is a beginner recorder ensemble book for soprano recorders. A tenor recorder part for an advanced student or the teacher as well as some tasteful percussion parts are included as accompaniment. These tuneful arrangements will motivate your recorder students from fourth grade to adulthood!

$19.95 plus shipping

Alto Antics Orff Book Rob Amchin.jpeg

Alto Antics

 A beginning alto recorder ensemble book, Alto Antics contains interesting percussion parts and traditional Orff instrument accompaniments that makes this a book your students will love. Notes are introduced sequentially and the pieces go from very easy to intermediate. Supplemental materials are available.

$19.95 plus shipping

Shalom Chaveirim Orff Book.jpeg

Shalom Chaveirim

Shalom Chaveirim is a collection of elemental arrangements of eighteen songs, canons, and dance melodies from the Jewish heritage throughout the world. Each selection includes an elemental orchestration, translation or transliteration, and teaching suggestions.

$15.95 plus shipping

Seeds Of Discovery Orff Book.jpg

Seeds Of Discovery

This publication presents folk song arrangements (with lyrics) that combine soprano player melodies of various difficulty levels with alto parts of only three or four notes. Each piece includes a teacher’s score with lesson ideas, guitar chords and suggested Orff accompaniment.

$6.95 plus shipping

Seeds Of World Discovery Orff Book.jpg

Seeds of World Discovery

Second in a series of arrangements to challenge advanced soprano recorder players and beginner alto players! Songs are included from Canada, Jamaica, Nigeria, Africa, Korea, Puerto Rico, The Netherlands, France, Japan and Israel. This is a great addition to any music teacher’s world music recorder ensemble repertoire.

$6.95 plus shipping

Bluegrass For Beginners Orff Book.jpg

Bluegrass for Beginners

This collection of bluegrass songs arranged for easy to intermediate soprano recorder, beginner alto recorder, singers, and Orff ensemble.  Each piece includes a teacher’s score with lesson ideas, student score with permission to copy for the students in your class, recorder fingering chart, guitar chords, and suggested Orff accompaniment.

$6.95 plus shipping

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